Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color Palette Product Review


I signed up for a new subscription service. Only it's not really a subscription service. It's called Influenster, and it is AWESOME! Influenster is a website that sends you free stuff! All you have to do is sign up! Let me explain what it's all about.

If you sign up for Influenster, they rate your social media connections and based on that rating, they send you free, full size items in exchange for product reviews. All you have to do is fill out a few surveys and they get to know who you are as a consumer: what are your interests, tastes, and likes and dislike? I think that's a pretty screamin' deal, because I looove trying new products and I don't mind writing a review on them! Plus, they want you to give your honest opinion about the products. It helps consumers know what products to buy or not, and it helps companies develop better products. It's win-win for everyone involved! So guys, this is my first Influenster product review.

The Palette

I was sent the Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color Palette to review. Basically, it really is a pro makeup palette, because the colors are magnetic and interchangeable. The refillable case has a built in mirror which is super handy, and the palette is small enough you can easily carry it with you in your purse. You can touch up your contour wherever you go! The colors snap right in and are easy to change out. There are three types of colors to this palette. The highlighter, sculpting powder, and blush. You basically have your whole contouring routine right there in one palette!

There are a huge variety of colors to choose from, and you can choose based on your skin tone. Influenster sent me these colors based on the information I gave them. These colors are designed for a medium skin tone. The highlighter is H106, the sculpting powder is S116, and the blush is S214. I've spent a week trying out these powders with a variety of products and brushes. I love the quality of these powders; they are smooth, buttery, and highly pigmented. I've found that they look best when applied over a high quality foundation, with a HIGH QUALITY BRUSH. Can I say that again? Use a GOOD BRUSH. I used a few cheaper brushes and was so disappointed; the colors looked spotty and didn't blend very well. But when I used my MAC brushes, they blended perfectly and looked GORGEOUS!  Here are my thoughts on each individual color.

The Highlighter

I have to say, after using this palette for about a week, I really have fallen in love with this highlighter! It is very golden which looks amaaaazing on my olive skin. It is very pigmented and intense, so a little bit really goes a long way. It goes on smoothly and blends like a dream. I prefer to apply it with my fingers, which is how I apply most highlighters to my face. I just feel like I can really blend it out and it makes it look a little more natural. I apply it to my upper cheeks and bring it up into the temple area. I also put a little bit down the center of my nose, and a teeny tiny bit on the center of my forehead. My favorite thing to do is to highlight my Cupid's bow of my lips, but I don't just stop there. I personally feel like my lips looks fuller if I highlight the Cupid's bow and the edge of my bottom lip. I really, really, REALLY love this highlighter!

The Sculpting Powder

I have to say, I was not a fan of this powder the first time I used it. Or the second time, for that matter. I thought it was too cool for my face, since I'm used to wearing a warmer toned bronzer or powder for contouring. I thought it looked slightly muddy. However, the more I use it, the better I like it. I like to use this to contour, because it is a perfect "shadow" color for my skin. But to warm up my skin a little more, I still like to dust a warm bronzer over the top of it. When you apply this color, it is so important that you use a good brush. Like I said before, when I used the cheaper brushes this color looked spotty. I prefer to use my favorite contouring brush, my MAC 109. Also, to prevent splotchy color, set your foundation with a setting powder BEFORE you apply any of these contouring colors. This will make it so your contour powders go on smoothly. The key with this sculpting powder is blend, blend, blend!!

The Blush

Now this is the one thing I was really disappointed about. This blush color is just not right for me. It looks ok, but I just do not like this color of blush on ME.  My skin is very olive with yellow undertones; I have like zero pink or red tones in my skin. I will never, ever buy this color. It is too cool; I prefer a warm, apricot-like blush for my face. I feel like it looks more natural and gives life to my skin. This color has a tendency to look clown-like on me unless I only use a teeny tiny bit and blend it so it's almost not there. It's just not my favorite color. That being said, the quality of the powder blush itself is very nice. It goes on smoothly but is very pigmented so you do not need a lot. I prefer to apply this with my MAC 129 brush and blend it over my cheekbones.


Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of the Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color Palette. I will continue to use it on myself and I am excited to try it on some clients! I do plan on trading out the blush for a warmer, peachy color, and I'll see if I like it better. I recommend this product because it makes it super easy to have all your highlighting and contouring colors together, right in one place. With the pigmentation and quality of the powders, this is a product that will last you for a very long time! For my finished look I only used the palette to contour, and I am pretty pleased with the results!


Have you gotten the Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color Palette yet? What do you think of it? What other Make Up For Ever products are you a fan of? Let me know in the comments!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.I look forward to receiving more products to review from Influenster!